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Children's Portrait Sessions

Keeping a photographic record of your children and their growth at different stages is so important. Children are never too young or too old to be photographed. The first year brings many rapid changes. Don’t rely on your memory. Soon each special stage will be over and you will have move on to another exciting phase. You need to capture each of these special times in your child’s life so as to savor them for a lifetime.


Here are a few guidelines to follow when having professional photos taken:

  • Give the child time to settle down in the new environment before demanding smiles and sweetness from him/her.

  • Make the appointment around the best time of your child’s day such as after a morning nap and/or a feeding.

  • Don’t push the limits. If your child is feeling sick or unhappy, it is most unlikely that he/she will perform for the camera. If this happens try to reschedule your appointment immediately.

  • Keep the surrounding distractions to a minimum. If there are other children or family around, keep them quiet or out of sight if possible.

  • It is best to take rewards and/or snacks with you for the little ones. They often settle down if they are able to have their juice bottle or see their favorite treat waiting for them.

  • It is also helpful to take along a special toy or someone who makes them smile, be it granny or the child minder.

It is always easiest to tell the photographer if you have something special in mind or if there is a specific expression that you would like to capture (within reason). Remember that it is not necessary to have all smiles in the photos; some of the more serious expressions are able to capture your child’s personality better. You will be able to get different kinds of photos at different stages of your child’s development. Before your child sits, you can get some beautiful shots of your little one on his/her tummy or propped up on cushions. Once he/she sits, you can start getting the seated portraits in cushions, on chairs and in boxes You can take theme shots at all ages from newborns, where the props are placed around the little ones, to young adults where hats and fun ideas can be used.


If your child is afraid of the studio setting and will not settle, remember that outside shots are also an option. All in all, remember to make these experiences fun for your little ones and don’t forget to capture the moment.


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