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Family Portrait Sessions

Tips for a great family portrait...............................................

CLASSIC clothing, like khaki and denim, is timeless. Coordinating solid color tops with jeans or khakis work well. They eye is drawn to bright areas in the photograph, so no one should wear white unless everyone is wearing white.

AVOID patterns (plaids, stripes, prints), white, red, and "trendy" styles that will make your portrait look dated in a few years.

COORDINATE a complete look, head to toe, with each member of the group.

COMPLEMENT each other as much as possible, and keep things simple. No twins necessary, just looking great together with style and color. Dark shoes usually look better in a group than some in sneakers and some in hikers. But everyone in sneakers is terrific.

COMFORTABLE, flattering clothes emphasize wonderful faces! And don't ignore feet - shoes show. Barefoot is always in style, especially for kids! Longer skirts & slacks are better than shorts and short skirts.


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